Leaf Spring AFO Brace For Drop Foot

The Leaf Spring AFO brace for drop foot is a custom-made orthotic that provides dorsiflexion toe clearance and support during ambulation. This type of orthotic is lightweight and can be worn inside almost any type of shoe. It comes in two sizes, and the sizing chart contains important measurement instructions. Patients with mild to severe  Best drop foot braces can benefit from this type of orthotic.

The Ossur AFO Leaf Spring is a lightweight orthotic made of polypropylene. Its variable thickness provides dorsiflexion assistance without causing heel irritation. It is heat-moldable to fit most types of shoes. This device is suitable for most patients. This type of brace is not suitable for individuals with severe foot deformities. AFOs are best for those who have a foot deformity, but it may not be suitable for all patients.

The AFO Posterior Leaf Spring Drop Foot Brace is a lightweight ankle-foot orthosis that assists in ambulation. It is made of specially-formed orthopedic-grade thermoplastic and can be custom-shaped to fit the foot. This style of brace offers superior dorsiflexion assist, medial-lateral stability, and improved forefoot control. It can also be adjusted to fit people with varying foot deformities.

This adjustable foot brace is suitable for people with stroke foot, plantar fasciitis, or Achilles tendonitis. Its soft interior prevents skin irritation, and its open heel design allows for ventilation. Its bendable aluminum strap can be adjusted to angle the foot at an angle of eighty to ninety degrees. It can also be used with sandals, laced shoes, or other types of footwear.